Many creatives (artists, musicians, developers etc) and innovators tend to be ignorant on what IP is and what they should do to protect themselves and their works. I have found that there is a gap in the creation of a simple, non-threatening space for people who are not IP professionals to engage, learn, question and generally share knowledge.

It is for this that I have founded the Kikao IP forum as a space that complements the existing structures that can be found in Government as well as industry spaces like CIPIT and IP Checkin, which is regularly hosted at Strathmore University Law School.

Kikao IP is for everyone. Through it, I hope that creatives, innovators and other generally curious people come together to engage with each other freely. In the forums that we organise (such as the Kikao IP Forum during the World Intellectual Property Day) it is our desire to empower everyone who attends to understand Intellectual Property.

Kikao is a Swahili word which means ‘hub’. Kikao IP aims to be an accessible hub of intellectual property knowledge for non-legal minds and help build pro-active movements of various sector players in the creative economy to propel the desired change in legislation and practices.




  1. hello Liz.i read your article on Buzz.i am not trained in any media profession but i have 2 TV show ides that contributes to the local contents and are all sports based.

    how do i get my shows to be accepted? is it a must for you to be trained in media?

    how do i protect my ideas from being stolen or copied because i know without protection , it may be rejected yet still modified by producers of TV shows.

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